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Adding Value Through 4E Strategic Services

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  • Our team of HR Specialists work together with you, to find the people you need and help you to keep them, with progressive HR Support, Consultation and advice as needed.
    Temp / Flexi / Contract Staffing
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  • Offload your administrative burden of Human Resources to the trained professionals at Wits N Skills, so that you can focus on growing your business.
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  • Strategically integrate effective HR processes, programs & practices. Our HR Specialists will ensure that you are compliant with employment law & help protect you from potential litigation.
    Training & Development
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  • By investing in employee development, organizations are able to show their faith & commitment towards their staff; which is an important element for being an `Employer of Choice'.

Key Features

Futuristic Tracking System

Our recruitment consultants are trained on a sophisticated Client and Applicant Tracking System [C.A.T.S] which ensures your details are easily kept up to date.

Consistent Quality

Before getting on the search process, our recruitment consultants, gain useful information about the client, its competitors, the market in which they operate, and past successful profiles. Thus, serving as a starting point for all consultants, regardless of where they are located or when they join the project.

Branding & Promotion

We combine a mixture of widespread advertising, candidate database search and use of our social media channels to ensure that your vacancy gets in front of the right people. Whoever you need we've got the tools to find them!

Real-time Information

Our clients benefit from an online management area, where they can access real-time information on the process. They may also actively participate in the process, evaluating candidate profiles, view recruitment results, requisit manpower, among other functionalities.

Pre Screened, Validated & Assessed Candidates

Every single application that we receive is checked diligently to ensure that you only review the most relevant applications.

Our Database

At Wits N Skills we invest in local & national professional databases, to aquire the best suited candidates for a position; these can be anywhere in the world and identifying them requires the use of technology for a more global reach. For this reason we use technological platforms to access and make use of the millions CVs found on the Web.


571 000 +

Verified Candidates

500,000+ Verified Candidates with English proficient roles. Plus a unique network of multipliers & community outreach programs run by all recruiters in their respective vertical focus.

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250 +

Happy Clients

With an aim to become the most preferred vendor; Wits N Skills is successfully managaging, 250+ clients in different sectors across INDIA.

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10 +

Certified Recruiters

We pride ourselves on passive candidate sourcing. Each of our recruiters are certified in the latest sourcing strategies, and can discover and engage more candidates.

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Real Companies; Real Case Studies

Real-time case studies on HRM practices
by Wits N Skills

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We continuously make every effort to improve our service standards by providing consultative advice regarding the skills required to meet business objectives and the availability of such skills in the market, emphasizing candidate evaluation and management, reference checks and high completion rates.


We treat all communication and information from both client organizations and candidates with the utmost discretion.


Our success is highly dependent upon the success of our clients and candidates. Acting on your behalf, we ensure a professional and credible representation. At the start of each project, it is imperative that we learn about your business, your people and your objectives in order to represent and assist your human capital strategy more effectively.


Industry knowledge and an efficient process ensure that shortlisted candidates are interviewed in record time. At the start of each assignment, we agree a delivery timetable and deliver set objectives within agreed time-lines.

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Outsourcing to Wits N Skills, can save your organization, operational costs upto 67%*

Our Skills

Talent Aquisition / Recruitment
Contract / Temp Staffing
Payroll Management
Human Resources & Management Consulting
Compensation Benchmarking & Consulting
Psychometic Assessment and Training & Development

Case Studies

Practice Areas

  • Agro Business

    Agro based industries are leading at the global economic front. It basically involves crop production, distribution of food products, machinery equipment, chemicals etc used for farming. Due to the increase in productivity of this industry, companies have started to shift their business focus into this sector. This industry promises great future prospects. Invention of new technologies and instruments more and more advancement are taking place. Many professionals are considering to make their career into this field.
    If you are looking to make your career or looking to hire professionals in this sector, contact Wits N Skills now
  • Automobile

    The automobile business is gearing up to reach at its peak. With the advent of new vehicles in the market this industry is showcasing a tremendous growth. More and more professionals are engaging themselves into the buying of motorcycles, scooters, luxurious cars , buses etc. This industry is flourishing day by day.

    If you are looking to make your career or looking to hire professionals in this sector, contact Wits N Skills now
  • Banking / Financial Services & Insurance

    The BFSI sector is one of the greatest sector that can bring a change and a revolution in the economy of India. A lot of job opportunities are coming in this field and the career too is very promising. There are different subsectors in the banking field where there is requirement for people to meet the new challenges and demands. In order for this industry to excel, a lot of manpower is required, thus bringing into more number of vacancies.

    If you are looking to make your career or looking to hire professionals in this sector, contact Wits N Skills now
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