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Wits N Skills Professional Profile 2 Professional Profile 2 is a personality assessment providing an in-depth analysis of those personali.. Product #: PP2 based on 1 reviews In Stock

Analyse work personality to anticipate professional success

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Professional Profile 2 is our latest personality assessment, designed and validated using the most recent method in psychometrics. It analyses, with scientific accuracy, the traits that influence the behaviour and performance of an individual at work.

Professional Profile 2 measures 14 set of opposing dimensions (e.g. introversion vs. extraversion, flexibility vs. firmness), resulting in an analysis of 28 aspects of personality and motivations.

This two-dimensional approach reflects the subtle nature of personality and motivations better than a one-dimensional approach does. The assessment minimises the impact of social desirability by its use of ipsative question structures and the Thurstonian IRT model of analysis. This increases Professional Profile 2’s reliability.

Professional Profile 2 meets the psychometric criteria established by the European Standing Committee on Tests and Testing and has been registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS).



Professional Profile 2 gives insight into the way your candidates behave and interact with others, as well as their strengths and potential limitations.

Our competency framework allows you to compare their potential with the skills required for the position.

You can conduct a deeper analysis by incorporating your own job referential or competency framework, thereby obtaining a more accurate fit with the job position.

Career Management

The two-dimensional approach of Professional Profile 2 facilitates a better understanding of candidates’ strengths and areas for improvement. It can be used to establish appropriate training programmes, thereby enabling people to develop their talents, or to guide them towards a career path in which they can thrive.

Team Cohesion

Professional Profile 2 is the perfect tool for obtaining expert insight into your teams’ synergy. By identifying individuals' potential, it is possible to predict potential sources of tension, improve teamwork, and build effective teams. Our consultants will assist you in establishing a customised plan of action for the development of team cohesion.

Target audience: Graduates, intermediate-level professionals, and middle management
Questionnaire: 112 questions
Time: 12-15 minutes
Languages: English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, and Italian.
Qualification: Certification training  


  •  Identifies personality, behaviour, motivation and values in a single questionnaire
  •  Uses ipsative structure of the Thurstonian IRT model to avoid social desirability
  •  Comparison with a standard referential of 138 groups of professions
  •  Profile matching with 9 work-focussed personality types and 22 competencies
  •  Easy to understand reports, without psychological jargon
  •  Can be used alongside Talent Map module to match candidate’s suitability with sales and management skills
  •  Internationally recognized, and registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS)

 28 aspects of personality and motivation in a two-dimensional approach:

Personality and behaviour
  •  Straightforwardness vs. Persuasiveness
  •  Firmness vs. Flexibility
  •  Emotional Sensitivity vs. Emotional Distance
  •  Introversion vs. Extraversion
  •  Structure vs. Improvisation
  •  Intuition vs. Focus on facts
  •  Free-Thinking vs. Rule-Following
Motivations and values
  •  Involvement at Work vs. Personal Balance
  •  Desire for Guidance vs. Desire to Lead
  •  Need for Reflection vs. Need for Action
  •  Humility vs. Ambition
  •  Team Work vs. Autonomy
  •  Individualism vs. Altruism
  •  Familiarity Seeking vs. Novelty Seeking

22 key potentials related to behavioural skills and attitudes:

1. Discretion
2. Interpersonal Skills
3. Conflict Resolution
4. Strategic Planning
5. Willingness To Learn
6. Team Leadership
7. Results-Orientated
8. Networking
9. Quality-Orientated
10. Organisational Skills
11. Challenge & Competition
12. Initiative

13. Team Building
14. Conformity & Integrity
15. Taking Responsibility
16. Business Acumen
17. Mentoring
18. Respecting Instructions
19. Innovation
20. Stress Management
21. Adaptability
22. Influencing Skills

Comparison with 9 work-focussed personality types: Determined, Devoted, Cooperative, Dynamic, Conscientious, Reflective, Intuitive, Social, and Independent


  •  General profile
  •  Graphs
  •  Detailed table
  •  Description of 28 aspects of personalty and motivations
  •  Personalised comments
  •  An analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and areas to develop
  •  A profile summary
  •  A comparison with 22 work competencies
  •  A comparison with 138 groups of professions
  •  Profile matching with positions within the organisation


karthik Ramakrishna on 02-07-2017 09:53 PM
Good response from the Wits N Skills team. Affordable assessment services.
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