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Wits N Skills Sales Profile-R Sales Profile-R identifies the potential, competencies and motivations needed to succeed in sales... Product #: SP-R based on 0 reviews In Stock

Measure sales potential and aptitudes

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Sales Profile-R identifies the potential, competencies and motivations needed to succeed in sales. As well as being an indispensable tool for recruitment, this assessment can be used for training, internal mobility, and sales force audits.

Sales Profile-R is based on real-life scenarios and is the only assessment on the market to evaluate all aspects of the sales process: understanding needs, prospecting, pitching, closing deals, and customer retention.



Sales Profile-R offers reliable information for the recruitment of your sales force. Its Sales Potential Indicator will help you to shortlist candidates with a higher sales potential.

You can define a competency framework to select candidates that match your requirements for specific sales position. The assessment also provides you with a standard competency framework for different sales-related roles, providing an in-depth analysis of the candidate.

Sales Team Audit

Sales Profile-R helps you gauge how your sales team operates, enabling you to encourage their dominant strenghts and idenitify the areas of improvement. By analysing 4 different sets of skills – Acquisition, Negotiation, Strategic Selling, and Closing – it enables you to clearly define approaches for development. Our consultants will also assist you in creating a competency map for your team for the purposes of training, mobility, and recruitment.

Career management

Sales Profile-R is a dynamic tool that can be used throughout one’s professional life. It can be used to identify training needs, resolve issues arising from lack of motivation, and even offer new challenges to ambitious team members. In order to better understand the candidate’s interest areas and ensure a correct role fit, you can match the candidate’s profile with 11 predefined sales functions.


Target audience: Sales force/Business development/MBA students

Questionnaire: 83 questions based on real-life scenarios
Test time: 20 minutes
Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and Dutch
Training: Certification training


  •  Sales Potential Indicator (scale from 0 to 100)
  •  Social desirability indicator
  •  Results matched with 11 sales-related roles
  •  Comparison of the profile with positions in the company (on request)


Measures 12 behavioural traits grouped under 4 key dimensions:

Client Acquisition Skills: Prospecting, Approaching Clients, Combativeness
Business Development Skills: Networking, Strategic Selling, Customer Satisfaction
Negotiation Skills: Understanding needs, Pitching, Closing Deals
Selling Skills: Sales Acumen, Charisma, Self-Control

Results are matched with 11 sales professions:

  •  B2B salesperson
  •  B2C salesperson
  •  Account manager
  •  Product manager
  •  Key account sales representative
  •  Sales demonstrator
  •  Customer service representative
  •  Negotiator
  •  Sales engineer
  •  Salesperson (shop)
  •  Telemarketer


  •  Indicators: sales potential and social desirability
  •  General profile
  •  Graph
  •  Personalised comments
  •  Summary of the candidate's profile
  •  Comparison of the candidate’s profile with different sales positions and functions
  •  Comparison of the profile with company positions


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