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CTPI-R Assess managerial potential and identify future leaders.. Product #: CTPI-R based on 0 reviews In Stock

Assess managerial potential and identify future leaders

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Central Test Personality Inventory-R (CTPI-R) is specifically designed to help you evaluate the managerial potential, behavioural competencies, and leadership skills of managers and CEOs.

CTPI-R analyses 19 personality traits of good managers to give a complete profile of how your leaders think, act, and react to different situations.




CTPI-R facilitates your recruitment process by identifying managers who closely fit your requirements. The Managerial Potential Indicator (with a scale of 0 to 100) enables a quick inference of an individual’s predisposition for a managerial role. Then a management style analysis indicates the project most suitable for the individuals.

Internal Mobility

CTPI-R assessment helps you prepare a succession plan. You can spot future leaders in your organisation by assessing key personality traits, such as decision-making skills, adaptability, long-term vision, stress tolerance, and ethics.

Development Programmes

The assessment helps you to identify existing skills, as well as the gap between the individual’s managerial competencies and the job requirements, thereby defining areas of development.



Target audience: Executives, managers, and aspiring managers
Questionnaire: 114 questions
Time: 20-25 minutes
Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Arabic
Training: Certification training
  • Monitors social desirability
  • Managerial Potential Indicator
  • An analysis of thinking and working styles
  • A comparison with 21 behavioural competencies



The test examines 19 dimensions categorised into four groups:
Cluster 1: People Management  
Developing others
Cluster 3: Self-Management
Emotional stability
Cluster 2: Perception Mode
Rule consciousness
Cluster 4: Change Management


21 workplace competencies:

1. Mentoring Others
2. Team Building
3. Understanding Others
4. Networking
5. Conflict Resolution
6. Resilience
12. Reliability
13. Challenge Orientation
14. Quality Orientation
15. Authenticity
16. Influence & Communication
17. Stress Tolerance
7. Supervision
8. Conducting Change
8. Decision Making
10. Strategic Planning
11. Caution
18. Business Acumen
19. Initiative
20. Flexibility
21. Innovation


  • Monitors social desirability
  • Both Tabular and graphic presentation of the profile and the 19 personality traits
  • Profile summary with personalised comments
  • Definitions of each trait provided
  • Matches the candidate’s scores with 21 major workplace competencies
  • Matches the candidate's profile with 4 thinking and working styles
  • Matches the candidate's profile with the competency model of the organisation (on request)


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