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Being a good boss can be a difficult task, but have you ever wondered how to be a great boss? Being a great boss takes a certain amount of skill and tact. Becoming a great boss will allow you to create a great working atmosphere that you, your company and your staff will strive in.

We know there can be a lot of tasks to take on as a hands on boss but it takes only a couple of key skills to be a great boss. So try these great steps to allow you to go from being a good boss…to a great boss!

Be a leader…not a ruler - Your employees are more inclined to respond to a leader rather than a ruler. A ruler will delegate out tasks, leave responsibility to the employees and ultimately blame employees if something doesn’t go to plan. However, a leader will lead their team to success. Throughout history, each great battle has been won by a leader leading his team to go forward and attack rather than telling them to. This idea can be taken into business and can help create a huge level of trust and respect.

Engage a HR Recruitment Firm - You have enough on your plate when it comes to being a boss and running your company so why add the whole hiring and HR process to your list of duties? By Hiring a HR Recruitment Firm, you will get a full HR service for your business. As well as a full HR service, a recruitment agency will take responsibility for every step in the recruitment process. From sourcing and selecting staff, through to the interview process and the induction of staff. They will also be able to offer an ongoing bespoke HR service based on the needs of your business including payroll services, PAYE, disciplining staff and the processing of holiday pay.

By doing this, it sets aside time for you to concentrate on leading your team and working on building a great business.

Set Standards - Setting targets and standards for individual staff members wither it be with communication, work or any part of the working day, it ensures staff look to reach those standards and accomplish something. Providing staff with the equipment and skills to reach these targets will ensure high productivity and high motivation within the company. By reaching those standards in your own work, it will encourage staff to want to do the same and when these targets are reached, staff appreciate praise and to feel as if they have accomplished something in their working day rather than just coming to work to get through the day.

Encourage TeamworkTeamwork can be essential in your daily running of the company, and as a great boss, you should be an essential part of that team. A co-operative team will create more trust and openness within the workplace and will create a more productive workplace than a competitive situation would. The idea of winning as a team creates a drive within employees and creates incentive to work well with your team to succeed in every task.

Flexibility and openness - When looking for a job, it has been shown that a flexible workplace is ranked higher in importance (particularly with parents) than a competitive pay. Depending on the type of business you run, there are many options for flexible working from flexi-time to working from home. By having an open door policy, staff will feel comfortable to ask for flexible working to suit both the company and their family and this will also create trust within the company and trust between staff and their management.

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